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[Charania] Brooklyns DAngelo Russell has been selected as Victor Oladipos replacement as an East reserve in the NBA All-Star game, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @WatchStadium.



[–]jonsnowKITN 2386 points 7 hours ago



[–]Lakers Dougmartin22 106 points 8 hours ago

My boy is all grown up :,)


[–]Lakers bobbito18 765 points 7 hours ago

Hell yeah. Love me some D’Lo. So happy to see him doing well.

It’s like when you dump your girlfriend thinking everyone will be better off and she starts fucking a model and you’re still single.



[–][MIN] Karl-Anthony Towns JimmySlutler 404 points 7 hours ago

Deserved. He’s had such a great breakout season this year.


[–]Pelicans ChrisTheMiss 87 points 7 hours ago

hell yeah he deserves it. he’s been balling out this year. it’s unfortunate that Dipo had to go down for him to earn it, but this dude is going to be a star for years to come.


akers c_double_u[ ] 333 points 8 hours ago

Good for him, he deserves it. Still upset about how we treated him.


[–][OKC] Paul George IncaseAce 26 points 7 hours ago

It’s ashamed really

D lo was the only reason I rooted for the Lakers



[–]Lakers Deezuhh 202 points 7 hours ago

The whole Nick Young situation really split the fans back then. So embarrassing how some Laker fans treated him over that whole drama. At least the fans who loved him back then still have his back now. I’ll root for DLo wherever he goes


[–]Lakers PineCreekCathedral 188 points 7 hours ago

Turns out having Nick Young on a team full of young developing talent isnt a good idea either.


[–][POR] Damian Lillard Familyguy35 89 points 7 hours ago

Watch Lonzo/Ingram/Kuz turn into all stars into another team. Lowkey Lakers are horrible at developing young players


[–]Timberwolves DuBakElite 117 points 7 hours ago

I don’t think it’s that, I think it’s more the constant pressure to “win now” that leads to impatience with young players that’s always associated with that franchise


[–]Lakers DDukedesu 45 points 7 hours ago

Going through the longest playoff drought in franchise history will do that...


[–]Trail Blazers Soyboy_Beta_Cuck 49 points 5 hours ago*

An astounding 5 years lol


[–]Lakers YaBoiBeefCat 798 points 7 hours ago

Obviously there is a weirdo group that still cares about him “snitching” and all that shit, but it’s really cool to see a guy we defended and believed in for years develop into what he has.


[–]Lakers EvenGandhiHatesLVG 346 points 7 hours ago

He has the talent it’s about mentality for him


[–]Lakers 12D3 222 points 7 hours ago

Bingo. As a Laker fan I LOVED his game. Very smooth and fun to watch. His maturity and attitude were the issue. I dont think Magic should have called him out for not being a leader, but I also understand what he meant and agree. There was just too much pressure too quickly to be a mature leader for a high profile team with constant media scrutiny. He can grow out of that, and hes playing in a good situation where there are less expectations and he can grow at his own pace. I expect if he can keep his head straight, hell be extremely dangerous in the next few years.


[–]Nets BK-Jon 20 points 5 hours ago

Nets fan here. He has been completely on point as far as his mentality since we got him. I think he learned a lot of lessons, got serious, and his character has grown as he has become an adult.

And trust me, he gets tested in Brooklyn. Kenny benches him to close games all the time. He handles it, deals with it, and gets up and cheers his team from the bench. And he knows he has $100 million riding on this season. He has handled that pressure.



[–]Lakers AnxiousYak 44 points 7 hours ago

I am so happy for him. And so sad he won’t be there in a Lakers Jersey.


[–]Lakers baaaaby 18 points 5 hours ago

i miss him so much


[–][LAL] Lonzo Ball bobberr 1476 points 7 hours ago




[–][BKN] Mehmet Okur MisterBellic 2022 points 7 hours ago

I remember watching an Ohio State game in 2015, and cursing Billy King for trading the Nets pick that year; they were stuck in purgatory, and couldnt tank for DAngelo Russell. Now, four years later, hes leading them to the playoffs as an All-Star. Its funny how life works out.


[–]76ers DrewFlan 37 points 6 hours ago

I mean, would you really have wanted the Nets to take DLo over KAT? KAT was the consensus best pick that year and it wasnt really close.


[–]ajn2527 30 points 6 hours ago

Tbf, there’s more than 1 good player in most drafts. D’lo in college was my favorite player as well, even if he wasn’t necessarily the top prospect in that draft.


[–]Knicks ericdavidmorris 873 points 7 hours ago

This is like how I cursed at Phil Jackson for drafting Frank instead of DSJ. Now, two years later, he was included as filler in a deal for cap space for our only star since Melo. Its funny how life works out.



[–][NBA] TJ Warren winkerpack 309 points 6 hours ago

Dsj was more than just a filler in that deal. He was the main part in it imo



[–]76ers ACTUAL_TIME_TRAVELER 236 points 7 hours ago

Best player in New York right now


[–][BRK] Sergey Karasev Ipswitch35 103 points 7 hours ago

Jared Dudley plays in New York...


[–]Knicks NeilOwnsYou 97 points 7 hours ago

To be fair there isnt much competition, but congrats to DLo he really deserved this。


[–]Raptors tkbchimyjr18 43 points 6 hours ago

Tbf, Spencer Dinwiddie, arguably as good if not better. But he came off the bench for alot of the season. He might be the most underrated player in the league


[–]Nets UnlimitedMetroCard 28 points 6 hours ago

Dinwiddie is 5 years older than him. A little more seasoned. But the only edge i give to Dinwiddie is that hes better in the last 5 minutes of the game.


[–]Nets aydee123 673 points 7 hours ago

The 2nd pick curse is slowly being broken.

Oladipo an All-Star last year, now Russell.



[–]Kings jveezy 419 points 6 hours ago

Russell also becomes the first Lakers draft pick since Marc Gas工作服存放和保养的正确方法
ol to make an All Star team.


[–]Kings TankwagonYeizy 81 points 7 hours ago

bagley will be a superstar at this rate


[–]Raptors Toronto416ix 59 points 7 hours ago

Its Ingrams turn next year


[–]Timberwolves Brazilian-Icelandic 37 points 6 hours ago

Lonzo Ball 2020 All-Star


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant k0fi96 19 points 6 hours ago

Yeah probably not with us though


[–]Lakers dlm891 17 points 6 hours ago

Then Michael Beasley


[–]Lakers dizjedi 19 points 5 hours ago

Ingram and Ball all-stars with the Pelicans. I hope so because they will be the New Orleans Lakers. I still root for Randle. They instantly will be my second favorite team. I will always root for Ball, Kuzma, and Ingram wherever they are. Except for the Celtics



[–][LAL] Lonzo Ball cwillard260 28 points 8 hours ago

Damn I would’ve picked Jimmy personally but that’s great for him. I think this will definitely be huge this summer when he gets paid


[–]76ers SignalKing 25 points 7 hours ago

Same but Russell isnt undeserving at all so I cant be salty about it


[–]TrashFR 115 points 8 hours ago

Jimmy Butler bout to injure Simmons in the locker room now


[–]Thunder newman796 824 points 7 hours ago

Fuck Jimmy Butler


[–][MIN] Karl-Anthony Towns Esco_Dash 409 points 7 hours ago



[–]Bulls TheLonelyRedPanda 30 points 5 hours ago

Still better than D’Lo


[–]76ers J-Mosc 23 points 5 hours ago

Jimmy’s doing exactly what we need him to do. Sixers have been a lot better with him playing great D and able to make his own basket when necessary. He isn’t playing quite All Star level, DeAngelo deserved that. But I’m very happy with what he’s brought Philly. Look beyond points scored.


[–]opemidwest 102 points 8 hours ago

Can we please talk about how Kyle Lowry made the team? I’m waiting for all the Raptors fans who say “he does more than what shows up on the box score”


[–][WAS] Gilbert Arenas dfetz3 16 points 7 hours ago

He plays great every time Kawhi sits, I think that’s a big part of it.


[–]Raptors Uterus_Punch 34 points 7 hours ago

I mean his advanced stats paint him as one of the most impactful players in the league even during this slump but I think most of us agree that Siakam is more deserving than Lowry is.


[–]76ers SignalKing 56 points 7 hours ago

Russell and Butler shouldve made it in over Lowry and Middleton. But Lowry has recognition, Middleton was snubbed a bit last year, and theyre both on great teams


[–]Thunder SlimyScrotum 35 points 7 hours ago

Not even a philly fan here and Im pretty furious that Butler isnt in. Granted, he did skip it last year, so I wonder how big a part that played.


[–]Lakers MY-NAME_IS_MY-NAME 28 points 6 hours ago

I think his shenanigans in the beginning of the season pissed off a lot of coaches and Adam Silver. Therefore Silver went with someone else who deserved it for this first replacement spot





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